Pattern Help

I have complete the front piece up to the neck opening shaping. I have 40 stitches on my needles. Here is the next step:

NEXT ROW (RS) K 15, join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 10 stitches, k to end of row. At neck edge, bind off 2 sts once, then 1 st twice. AT SAME TIME, at should bind off 3 sts once, then 4 sts twice. Repeat shaping on remaining side.

Okay #1, why does it say bind off 2 sts once, then 1 st twice. Instead of saying bind of 4 sts?

#2, why does it say bind off 3 stst once, then 4 sts twice? Instead of saying bind off 11 sts?

#3 what the heck does it mean, AT SAME TIME?

Here is the whole pattern.

From what I can tell, the pattern is giving you all of the shaping instructions together.

The first row is where you divide the left and right fronts, binding off the centre neck edge.
On the following row, you will bind off 3 sts at the shoulder, and 2 stitches at the neck.
On the next row, you will bind off 1 stitch at the neck and 4 sts at the shoulder.
On the next row, you will bind off 4 stitches at the shoulder, and 1 at the neck edge.
You will reverse this for the other side since you now have them divided and on different balls of yarn.

Does this make more sense?

You’re binding off in steps, not all at once. So the first time you are starting at the neck edge, you’ll bind of 2 stitches, then the next time you are starting at the neck edge you’ll bind off one. You’ll do this on each side, but since you can’t bind off at the end of the row, you’ll do the bind offs when you are starting at the neck edge of that particular side.

AT THE SAME TIME means that as you’re doing these bind offs at the neck edge you’ll be doing the bind offs at the arm edge, too, 3 the first time, and 4 the next two times.

Oh thank you thank you. Just when I think I am SO SMART I run into something like this. And because of your speedy reply, I can give it a try at lunch time. :slight_smile:

Okay, I did as the pattern and you say, but the whole edge is jaggedy. Very strange. I wonder why they would do it this way instead of doing decreases? Thoughts?

It’s called a step decrease because the edges look like steps. When you pick up the stitches around the neck, the steps will be hidden. You can do short row shaping on the shoulders and finish with a three needle bind off, but since these were done at the same time, it could get confusing.

More confusing? No thank you! :slight_smile:

Okay, I can see where it will be hidden by the seams. Thanks a bunch! This thing better turn out, it is a birthday gift for my friend that I have to finish by Sunday.