Pattern help

*Knit 1, yarn over, drop the yarn off the needle, repeat from * to end.
how would you do that ?
confused about dropping the yarn off needle??? any suggestions on which stitch its asking to drop?

That is a bit weird–usually when I see patterns like this, it refers to dropping a yo you made on a previous row. Can you give us the lines of the pattern that go before and after the one you posted here?

I agree with what Marria Said. I think its asking you to drop the yo off the left needle that was made from the previous row. When you follow the directions to this part, is your next stitch the YO?

this is wat it says in previous line of the pattern
Knit 1, yarn over, repeat from *

What Marria said is right. This row you are knitting one and yarning over. The next row you will knit one, yarn over, and then drop the yarn over that you made in row one off the needle.