Pattern help

Am new at this. Knitting winter hats for my kids. An elf like cone hat is next for my 2 year old. Pattern says to ‘place marker’ - understand that. It also says at times to ‘slip marker’… what’s the difference?

Thanks! :??

Place marker=put a marker on the needle now because you will need it to keep track of things from this point

slip marker=there is a marker on the needle already and you need to slide it over onto the other needle to keep knitting

a marker is meant to show you where the end of a round is in circular knitting and/or marks an important spot in your pattern (i.e. where to begin a repeat, or where a decrease will happen)


So when it tells me to place or slip a marker am I putting the marker on the needle? or on the stitch? I’ve been putting the marker on the stitch and then pulling the stitch up when I get to the marker and it just doesn’t look quite right. Yeah I know - I’m ultra new :lol:

okay let’s say you have knit 4 stitches and your instructions say PM. you are going to put a marker of some sort on your needle after the 4th stitch and then keep knitting. when you come BACK to that marker you are just going to move it from one needle to another. usually there is going to be something for you to do when you get to the marker (such as knit two together) but your pattern will tell you that. Also if you are knitting in the round, you will place a marker when you join the ends together so that you will know where the beginning of your round is.

A little tip for that…if you have 4 markers placed through out your work (or whatever number of course) make sure the marker that is denoting the beginning of the round is a different color or things could get a leeeeeeeeeettle confusing!