Pattern help

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am knitting a sweater (my second) that is from a free lion brand pattern. It is the extra easy, extra fabulous sweater. I can copy the part of the pattern i’m having issues with but it might be easier to just go there online and read it for yourself. It is listed under knitting patterns as a featured pattern and the picture shows an african american woman in an oatmeal colored sweater. I am working the first front side and don;t understand the asterisk part and how to work that. HELP! I am so wanting to continue with this project- I’m sure you’ve all been there. Help a newbie out :aww:

It’d be helpful if you provided the link to the actual garment or the specific portion of the instr you need help with.

BTW, I just want to LB site and the ‘featured patts’ are: Crochet Graphic Lapghan, Winter Lace Afghan and 6-hr Afghan. No oatmeal sweater.

Yes, a direct link is better; `featured patterns’ can change every time you visit a site.

Here is the link to the pattern. Always best to include it yourself though, that way no chance of a mistake

Unfortunately, I can’t help you. I think it’s too early for my brain to process, but it will be easier for others to help you.

The asterisk part (read section below that begins with ***) tells you that when your sleeve section (knit with the front) reaches a certain length, that you will begin the shaping by binding off sts for the body of the front. You will continue the decs and shaping at the front edge as well. Just take it step by step, and you’ll do fine.

OK, if you look at the diagram included in the pattern, you’re knitting from the left side to the right side- which is also from the bottom of the back, across the shoulders and down to the bottom of the front. Where it says “shape sleeves” you have cast on the stitches on either side of the section you started with, and those are the sleeves. The asterisk section is telling you that when the sleeves are wide enough for whatever size you’re knitting, you end with a wrong side row and then bind off the sleeve stitches and continue with shaping the front of the body.

Hope that makes sense- if not, ask me more questions. :slight_smile:

ok if someone could just tell me the order of what i should do and when that would help. I have just finished row 9 for the right front. Does the asterisk part include the shape body part as well? Do I do the asterisk part and then go back to the rows cause it seems like the asterisk part binds everything off.

You don’t do the part after the asterisk until you’ve knit 16-18", depending on your size. Yes, it’s the shape body part. You work on the rows for the R front and when it’s the correct length you begin working the instructions in the asterisk part while continuing to work the front rows. It’s one of those `at the same time’ instructions.

I think I got it Thanks!!! The sleeve measured 18 " after I had finished the right side front so then i just went on to the body shaping. I still dont understand how that was ‘at the same time’ or how to do that.

If you had been making a shorter sleeve, you might have had to do the shaping on both edges `at the same time’. Glad it all worked out for you!