Pattern Help?

I’m fairly new to crochet, and I can’t really understand this part of the pattern! It’s too make a muzzle for an amigurumi hippo!

Working in rounds
R1 - ch7, sc in 2nd chain from hook, 6sc, ch2, 6sc, ch2, mm
R2 - *sc5, 2sc in next 3 stitches, repeat from * mm

So after I chain seven, I go backwards and single crochet one, then do i single crochet six times into six different chains, or into one chain?
How many little slot things should I end up with going into the second row, and do I join them up since it says working in rounds. SO CONFUSED >_<

thanks for the help in advanced!

you are working in the round , meaning it will be done as a circle not a flat piece.

I would have to see more of the pattern and the set up row to be able to tell you exactly how to work the pattern

R1 - ch7, sc in 2nd chain from hook, 6sc, ch2, 6sc, ch2, mm
R2 - *sc5, 2sc in next 3 stitches, repeat from * mm
R3 - R5 - sc around, mm
R6 - sc2tog, 2sc, repeat from * around, mm
R7 - sc2tog, 1sc, repeat from * around, FO

This is the full pattern for the muzzle part of the hippo
Thank you for your help!

Round 1:
you are going to ch 7, sc in the 2nd one from the hook and work 6 sc across the chain, chain 2 work (this will turn the corner) into the other side of the foundation chain single crochet 6 chain 2 ( again turning hte corner) and move your marker.

Round 2: work 5 sc across the row 2 sc in each of hte next 3 stitches (this is your increase) adn repeat to the marker.

Hop this helps. (I worked up a muzzle really quick to figure this out as I was stumped)

Thank you so much!!


i am also stuck on this specific bit of the exact same pattern (the hippo muzzle in the book ‘tiny yarn animals’ by tamie snow. i just can’t see how this bit is possibly done in rounds? it just seems to be rows…

thanks for any help!!!


Can you post the part you are stuck on so we cna help you better. Thank you

Sarah, you work both sides of the chain. I imagine this would be similar to knitting a sock starting with the toe. It is in the round but it does not lay flat.

I added some bold to KM’s previous post. Does that help make it clearer?

–Jack :guyknitting:

thank you very much! That’s where I was getting stuck, I didn’t realise you had to go over both sides of the chain. Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

Christine (KnittinMitchie) should get all the credit. She gave the correct answer before I even spotted the question. :wink: [/color]

I’m sorry for bringing this old thread back up, but I’m new to crocheting, bought this book and have now been struggling with this muzzle all evening… Searched the Internet, checked on Google and tried what feels like a million things but I still can’t make it work. Could someone please please explain how to follow this pattern as if I were three years old? :wink:

If I chain 7 and then sc into the second st from the hook, then I can’t for the life of me understand where I’m supposed to put the next 6 - there are only 5 stitches remaining? And what does “on the other side of the ch7” mean? I can see that I’m supposed to “go around the chain” to make an oval, but I just can’t seem to get it right…

Please help, I feel incredibly dumb and very frustrated, all the other parts of the hippo are done and look like the picture :wink:

[color="#330099"]Chain 7, sc in 2nd chain from hook and each chain across (6sc), ch 2, SC in other side of the 6 chain sts.

Chain 7 is shown in black ovals. first 6 sc shown with Xs in black. ch2 shown in blue, 6 sc on second side of chain in blue and final ch2 ending the first round. mm Change to red x for 5sc across, 2 sc in each of next 3 sts (around one end), etc. green follows red and they build up on each other to make an oval bowl. Then you start the decreases.[/COLOR]

Thank you sooo much! I think what confused me was I thought it was 1 + 6 sc in the beginning, but now I see that the sc in the second st is part of the 6 sc… if that makes any sense :wink:

Hopefully I’ll now be able to finish my hippo (first ever crochet project!) :woohoo: