Pattern Help!


Your blanket sounds beautiful, Merry. Thanks for sharing the info on the pattern. Yes, “wave” is a better description than “ripple” here, since it is doubled. Looking forward to seeing pictures when you finish!


Hi, I realise this topic was ten years ago, but I am trying to make the same blanket! Could anyone tell me why I end up with 111 stitches instead of 112 when the pattern is correct and fits into each chain? I keep redoing it and end up just the same so am obviously repeating my mistake. Would so much appreciate any help. Thanks


Maybe all these years later @OffJumpsJack can help once again.


I am guessing you are asking about counting the stitches after the first row?

Did you count the three chains, skipped to DC in the fourth chain, as the first DC?


Thanks so much for replying. When I counted the top loops I realised the first 3 chains that form first DC didn’t give me a stitch, so added another chain and so the first DC was made up of 4 chs not 3. It worked out and seems fine with the pattern so will continue. Still don’t understand it though! Thanks again


These are called “turning chains” and I found a video with a brief explanation at the beginning.
Crochet turning chains video.

How to read a crochet pattern and turning chains.