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I’ve just been crocheting for about 2 months…so I have much to learn!

I’m starting the Noah’s Ark Blanket out of Crochet? May 2008 and I don’t understand the pattern!

Row 1 ch 115, 2 dc in 4th ch from hook(first 3 chs count as first dc), dc in each of next 3 chs, I understand up to this point.
[B][dc dec in next 3 chs] twice[/B], dc in each of next 3 chs
*, 3dc in each of next 2 chs, rep from * across, ending last rep at **, 3 dc in last ch, turn.

I don’t understand the part in bold…I’ve watched the nexstitch videos and youtube videos on the dc dec, but it seems like it only involves 2 stitches…what am I missing?

Can someone walk me through this row? I know the problem is on my end!
Merry :slight_smile:


DC DEC is a double crochet decrease meaning you do a double crochet which will be 2 stitches but instead of a single crochet you will do a double crochet.


Merry, Does the pattern give instructions for the dc decrease somewhere at the beginning?

This is the one I use over 3 stitches in my favorite ripple pattern:

*yo, insert hook through next stitch, yo and pull loop through stitch, yo and pull through first 2 loops on hook; repeat from * twice. YO and pull through remaining 4 loops on hook.


This is what it says in the stitch guide.
(YO, insert hook, yo, draw loop through, draw through 2 lps on hook) in each of the sts indicated, yo, draw through all lps on hook.


So that’s the same decrease as in my ripple pattern–just put a little differently. Does it make sense? Let me know if it would help to expand a bit more on it.


I would be happy to do a video on this exact thing, if you think that would be helpful. I’ll put it on my list, but will do it in the next day or two if you would like to see it soon.



Good idea, MGM. I’ve just been looking on You Tube, and the closest I could find only does a decrease over 2 stitches in the middle of her row (ignore the one she does at the beginning of the row), while it appears you are doing your decrease over 3 stitches.

This should still help, Merry. She does the (YO, insert hook, yo, draw loop through, draw through 2 lps on hook) twice, then does a yo and pulls through all THREE loops left on the hook. You would continue on in one more stitch, then at the end yo and pull through all FOUR loops left on the hook.


Merry, it looks like you do this decrease twice. So those 6 chains will be 2 dc when you finish. Right, MGM?


Thanks Mary and Pam…that’s the youtube video that I watched, Pam. I am not having trouble actually doing the dec…my confusion is when it says in [B]next 3 chs twice!

[/B]I seem to be only using 2 stitches per dec…does that make sense?

Would you agree with me that the Youtube video is only doing the dec in 2 stitches…that’s what is not making sense to me on the above instructions.

Unless I do what Pam said to do and yo, insert my hook in the 3rd stitch…then would I do all that twice still?
Merry :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s how I read the instructions your pattern gave–you do the decrease over 3 stitches. So you would continue doing what the woman does on You Tube with one more stitch. That will give you one more loop on your hook to pull through at the end of the decrease. You will have 4 loops on your hook, while she only has 3. At that point you have gone from 3 stitches down to 1. My afghan pattern does a 3 stitch decrease exactly like this. It just depends on how many stitches need to be decreased.

And it does appear that you do this decrease twice, side by side. You are doing a ripple–notice that you also do 3 dc in 2 chains, so you should end up with the same number of stitches at the end of the row. You are increasing at the top of your ripple–2 stitches become 6–and decreasing at the bottom–6 stitches become 2. You continue to do this across the row.

After you finish this first row, it will become much easier to see. The foundation row is always the hardest!

Keep us posted!


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]The twice refers to what is between the brackets. The instructions “[dc dec in next 3 chs] twice,” can be written as… “[dc 3tog] twice.”

But it looks like everyone else has managed to respond before me with very helpful explanations.
:sad: (for me)
:slight_smile: (for you)

Looks like 112 stitches when you finish the row.

It sounds like a very dramatic wave pattern. The name is also intriguing; I’ll have to search the web to see if I can find it. :eyebrow2: :cool:

– Jack[/COLOR][/FONT]


Ok, Merryknitter, check my website tomorrow morning and you should see your own personal tutorial on how to work this instruction!

I only had the directions that you provided, so I don’t know what the instructions are for the second and subsequent rows, but I sure like how the first row comes out. What a soft wave pattern that is. I could see that done in sport weight pastels for a baby blanket, or in worsted or bulky weight manly man colors for a full size afghan. I would love to know if this pattern is available on the internet somewhere.

Anyway, check out the video Wednesday morning after 7:00 eastern time and see if it helps you understand the directions. It will also be listed in the Crochet and Library of Video Tutorials links on my sidebar for future reference.



[SIZE=4][COLOR=Black][I]Gosh Mary…thanks so much…that is so nice of you! This is the pattern for the Noah’s Ark Blanket out of Crochet! May2008 magazine. This is the water and that the Ark sits on…it’s an adorable pattern and I just had to learn how to crochet to make it! LOL! I will definitely check out that video!

This is Row 2
Ch 3, 2 dc in same st, dc in each of next 3 sts, [dc dec in next 3 sts] twice, dc in each of next 3 sts*, 3 dc in each of next 2 sts, rep from * around, ending last rep at **, 3 dc in last st, turn.

Row 2 is pretty much like row 1, isn’t it?

You keep repeating row 2.

Thanks again for all your help![/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Merry :slight_smile:


Hi again, Mary! You are so very creative…I LOVE your website…is there anything you can’t do? LOL! I’ve got you bookmarked now!
Merry :slight_smile:


So glad you like my site! Yes, in fact, I have tried tatting and just can’t seem to get it! Perhaps I’ll find a video online that could help me! :wink:

Thanks for including the pattern for the second row of the afghan. I googled that issue of Crochet! magazine and saw the cover. Too cute! :inlove: Make sure you post a picture of your project when it is finished.

Let me know if the video helps you. It will be there after 7 eastern time tomorrow morning.



Hey Mary,
I am on row 3…I finally got it…I will definitely check out your video tomorrow…thanks so much for taking the time to help me…I am learning so much all at once…it’s so much fun…I am loving it…I have so many projects on the needles and hooks…LOL!
Thanks again,
Merry :slight_smile:


Oh that’s good news Merry! I’m glad you got it!

Anyway, you can find the video here on my website. I thought I would add that in here in case anyone who comes along later is looking for help on the same instruction.

Be sure to share pictures when you are finished…or along the way!



Hi Mary Grace…you are amazing…thanks a million for the video…it’s great…you’re a wonderful teacher and new found friend…thanks for taking the time to help me! I really appreciate it. :muah:

Seeing it visually, now makes the pattern make sense…but you could see for a beginner, like me, it could really be confusing…LOL!

Thanks again…I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again!:yay:
Merry ::slight_smile:


Definitely for a beginner, those instructions would be confusing! No question about that! Glad I could help. Please let me know if there are any other stitches or patterns you would like to see demonstrated. I like to do videos of things that I know will be helpful.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!



I definitely will! I have to take my Mom for a Perm tomorrow…guess what I’ll be working on for a couple of hours? LOL!

The videos are such a help…I have to see it. I wish I could just read a pattern and know what they mean by it, but maybe that will come with experience…this Noah’s Ark Blanket is Intermediate…I’m probably rushing things a bit! Oh well…guess I’m not afraid to try it!
Have a wonderful evening!