Pattern help?


I’m working on this pattern that I found on this site:

I’m having trouble understanding some of the instructions. This seems like it should be obvious, but to me it’s not. When it says to “work in pattern stitch 17 rows,” does that mean 17 rows of pattern (the pattern is 4 rows, so 17 patterns would be 68 total rows) or does it mean 17 actual rows for 4.25 patterns? 17 pattern-rows seems kinda big, but then again, maybe it’s supposed to be big?

Thanks for any help!



Just work for 17 rows.

(If they wanted 68, they’d either say that specifically, or maybe 17 pattern repeats.)

On the next row, 18, you start your decreases, but will continue in the sequence of the pattern rows.

ah, darn. that’s what i was afraid of. rookie mistake. it was going along so nicely, too. :oops: oh well, i’ll keep that in mind in the future, and so, a-frogging i will go…

thanks for your help! i’m so glad you’re here for us rookies to ask for help!


ps- i appreciate your signature, too. “trust the pattern” is very wise. would’ve saved myself alot of trouble if i didn’t over-interpret.