Pattern Help

The pattern I’m working on says:

(RS): Work in St st to last 5 sts, ssk, work 3 sts in Seed st.
(WS): Slip 1 st, work 2 sts in Seed st, purl to end

Repeat decs 16 times at neck edge, alternating every third and fourth rows. Dec will be on both RS and WS rows.

I understand how to do the RS and WS stitches, but I don’t understand the part about alternating every third and fourth rows.

I think what they mean is that first you decrease on the third row, and then the next time you decrease it would be on the fourth row.

So you would decrease on row 3, then row 7, row 10, row 14, row 17, etc.

I’m still a bit confused. Does that mean that if it’s a RS row and it is one of the decrease rows (row 3, row 7) then I would follow what it already says for RS rows but on other RS rows when it is not a decrease row (row 1, row 5) I would omit the ssk? Would that also mean that on the WS row when I am decreasing I add in the ssk at the neck edge?

Always decrease at the neck edge.

On the rows in between, for the knit rows, knit to the seed stitch border.
On the purl rows, decrease at the neck edge, but do a ssp at the neck edge after the seed stitch.

At least, that’s what I would do.

Thanks for your help!