Pattern help

I know I’m probably missing something obvious with this pattern, but…

I’m knitting: this tshirt

I’m fine until it comes to joining the sleeves to the body. I’m doing a size 4, so you understand my numbers. (I’ve removed the numbers which don’t pertain to the size I’m knitting for clarity):

“[B]Join sleeves to body[/B]
Return to body and knit 52 sts (front), put the next 11 sts on scrap yarn, place marker, k34 sts from first sleeve onto body needle, place marker, k52 sts of body (back), put next 11 sts on scrap yarn, place marker, k34 sts from second sleeve; place a marker of a different color, to indicate beginning of round. There are 172 sts on the needle”

Now, my problem is this. I have 45 sts for the sleeves NOT only 34 like they say, and don’t see anything about decreasing. Where do the other 11 (or rather 22) sts from the sleeves go? The 11 sts mentioned seem to be from the body of the shirt, and the count is correct for them to be from the body.

What am I missing here?

I think they’re supposed to stay on the st holder for the underarms. Same for the body, you have 112 sts, but only knit 45 for the back and front to join with the sleeves which is 90. The finishing instructions say to kitchener the underarm sts.

i think you only knit 34 of your 45 sleave stitches at this point . leter on you attach the rest in a different maner.

Now im assuming you have your sleave stitches on a holder or similar. when you get to that part of the instruction, knit 34 of them, and ignore the 11 remaining on the holder so you can continue working the rest of the body.

Thanks Sue!

For the body tho, they do mention what to do with the sts (90 sts left, but when you add the 22 on scrap yarn, it comes to 112). I was just confused since they seem to completely ignore those sts from the sleeves, never mention them.

I’m not good at extrapolating, as you can tell. I like all the steps to be there. Guess I’ll never make up my own pattern LOL

Thanks to Tarrentella as well!

Wenda, I would think that would be a good quality in pattern writing. You wouldn’t take for granted that your readers would understand what you are implying, but would spell it out so that even newbies could do it.
Keep up the good work hun!

Just thought of another question…do I leave 11sts from the beginning of the sleeves, or from the end? Does it matter? It might be obvious when I get there, but…

It looks to me like the sleeves are just 1" tubes at this point, right? Unless there is a difference somewhere, I wouldn’t think it would matter.

P.S. you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Carey, it’s getting warm here, and I decided I would just go ahead and do it, since I finished the lace skirt…well, except for the crochet edging. I’ll do that after this shirt :wink:

The 11 sts on the body underarm match up to the 11 sts on the sleeve underarms.