Pattern Help!

Hi! I bet you all heard about my sweater, right? It’s located in the General Knitting section. Well, anyway, the sleeves need to be knitted next. The pattern is kinda redundant to me. It goes like this. (Oh, by the way, the type written in [COLOR=“Red”]red[/COLOR] is the stuff that I DON’T understand.)

With size 11 needles, cast on 22 stitches, yadda yadda yadda. :yadda:

Knit 3 rows.

Change to the stockinette stitch and [COLOR=“Red”]increase one stitch on each side (always on a knit row) of every 20th row one time. You’ll have 24 stitches on your needle.[/COLOR]

When your sleeve measures 17 in. decrease for the cap yadda yadda yadda. :yadda:

[COLOR=“Red”]Decrease one stitch on each side of every 4th row 3 times (always on a knit row). Then decrease 1 stitch on each side of every knit row until the cap measures 3 1/2 inches.[/COLOR]

Thank you in advance!

The increase is written a bit weirdly… basically you just increase one stitch at beginning and end (2 total) on the 20th row (from where you are).

The decreases are- decrease one stitch at beginning and end of the 4th, 8th and 12th rows (again, counting from where you are), then every knit row after that till you get your measurement.

Thank you! It seems you have forgotten this. “Then decrease 1 stitch on each side of every knit row…” I am NOT accusing you, but just asking cause I basically know nothing about this sort of thing.

Nope, that’s covered by “then every knit row after that till you get your measurement.”

Okay, thank you!

When your sleeve gets to 17", you will knit(purl, knit) 3 more rows, then on the 4th row, decrease one stitch “on each side” meaning at the beginning and end of the row. You will do that 3 times (knit 3 rows, decrease, knit 3 rows, decrease.)

Then for the cap, decrease at every knit row until it measures 3 1/2".

Bethany, do I decrease at the beginning AND end, just the beg. or just the end?

beginning AND end :slight_smile:

okay thank you all soooo much!

Yes, thank you all sooo much! All the kids in my class know how to knit but are FAR to my junior knitting-wise. My LYS only will offer Knitting Classes, Private Lessons, or Courses for you to follow simple patterns like “First Socks!”. I’m good enough to teach those classes. KH has been a big help to me because you guys all make up a community of people that are willing to help me out and that are understanding and better at knitting than me, so most of the time, at least 1 or 2 of you understand what I am trying to say. Although, it will come our redundant. Thanks again everyone!