Pattern help

need help with a scarf pattern, it reads as follows
cast on 38 sts. ROW 1- K8,K2 tog, YO,K1,YO,sl.1,K1,PSSO,
K12; rep.fromto once; K8.-----I did this, but not enough sts.
left to do that. does it mean too do it twice?

You do what is between the * * twice. What you will do is K8, then do what is between the * *, then K12, then do what is between the * * again and then K8. I figured it out and it does use up 38 stitches.

thank you, I miscounted on the cast on:teehee:

Been there, done that myself! Aaargh!

I use stitch markers when I cast on more than 20 stitches.
I mark every 10 stitches. When I start my first row, I just drop them off the needle.

The stitch markers help me, and I don’t have to endlessly keep counting stitches over and over to see if I have enough already!:teehee:

Oh…the stories I could tell on myself…such as getting way up to the dividing of the neck…and THEN realizing I had cast on [U]5 too few[/U] stitches. :hair: