Pattern help

I am new to knitting and I can usually figuire out things but this baby bootie pattern has me stumped. Okay, for the left baby bootie you start by casting on 28 sts and work garter st for 2 rows. Next row k2, yo, k2tog, k to end. knit 3 more rows. next row bind off 10, k to end. Then work garter st, knit for 6 rows. cut yarn and leave on st holder. I got this without any problems.
The next part is shaping thi shoe top. cast on 6sts and knit one row. starting with k row, work 12 rows st st, cut working yarn. Okay I got this too. It’s the next part that has me baffled!!!
With right side facing, rejoin yarn at right side of shoe top. Pick up 8 sts up right side, knit 6 sts across top. pick up 8 sts down left side, knit across 18 sts left on holder, making sure button hole is left of the needle. working in garter st, knit for 11 rows.
It seems like you have to knit a full circle with straight needles. I am just stumped. I hope someone can help me.

You’ve got the shoe top that looks like this

l[COLOR=White]. .[/COLOR] l
l[COLOR=White]. . [/COLOR]l right side

You pick up the right side, across the top, down the left side [COLOR=Black]and knit across the 18 on the holder. It will look lumpy and awkward for the first couple of rows, so don’t let that bother you.

After you get all your stitches on the needle, turn and knit across.