Pattern Help?

I am trying to work out a pattern to make a hat to match the Irish Hiking Scarf I am working on now.

What I have in mind is making a watch cap style hat with the cabled pattern of the scarf in the first several inches (the part one would fold upward) and then just stockinette the rest.

I wonder if someone could take a look at what I have in mind and tell me if I am close or way off base here as I haven’t yet made a hat.

I am thinking of loosely casting on 84 stitches, same Caron Simply Soft Shadows yarn as the scarf, same needle size (8) with the shortest cable that comes with the Options and then join.

The rows would consist of K2 P2 K6 P2 K2 P2 K6 P2 repeating all the way around with a cable every 8th row just as in the scarf. This would be for several inches, probably about two or three cables worth and then start the stockinette for the remainder, with the usual decreasing for the top.

Does this sound reasonable for a watch cap with the cables in the lower part?

That sounds reasonable. You’d have to change to reverse stockinette if you want to fold the cable part up, though.

Actually, you might want to start with an edging of some sort. Maybe a couple of purl rows before you start the cable to prevent the ends from flaring out.

Hmmm ok. I get what you are saying. I had actually thought of knitting the cabled lower part, and then turning it inside out (flip it down through itself) and then doing the all knit stitches to finish. Would that work or would I just have to do it all purls?

Hadn’t thought of that, thanks!

That would work, too. :thumbsup:

That sounds great. You’ll have to let us know how it turns out!

I think there’s already a hat pattern - the Irish Hiking hat, or something like that. You may want to google for it.

I have 2 different patterns for it. One with the fold up ribbing and one without. No clue where I got them.

i’m thinking that silver’s palindrome hat is based on the ihs. would that work for you? basically, instead of c8f where you knit all the stitches, you maintain your k2p2 ribbing across the entire row, cable and all.


Have you thought about having the cables go around your head the other way? Like a tiny scarf wrapped around your head like a sweatband, graft the ends together, then pick up stitches on the top of the band and then plain knit up?

The shortest cable that comes with the Options set makes a 24 in circ and is too long for a hat. You want a 16 inch. Or you can use two circs if you have two the same size.

Here’s Silver’s pattern if you want to take a look.

And here’s a couple of IH hat patterns, though they may be the same…

I looked at Silver’s palindrome pattern and I think that’ll work just fine.

I guess I’ll have to order 16" fixed Options to do the hat. I hadn’t thought about the 24" cables being too long.

have you tried magic loop? i love it because you just need one cable length, regardless of how big around your project is: hat vs. sweater in the round.

I’ve done hats with 24" needles with a derivative of ML that only has one loop. You could do a hat on 32" one and ML though.

Yeah I could use ML, that’s how I do socks, and may wind up doing that but I think I’d still like to have a few 16" circs.

I wonder when KP is going to add 16" cables for the Options?