Pattern help

I am in the process of making a tank…I have put the short row shaping in for the bust…then the pattern says complete 3.5 inches of stockinette stitch, this is where the pattern jumps to if a person were to not put the shaping in…at what point do I start measuring the 3.5 inches?? At the start of the short row shaping or at the top of the shaping? Any advice would be much appreciated…


It may be helpful if you gave more information on the tank pattern. Others may have run into the same problem.

It might make sense to measure the 3.5 inches from the side seam at the row where your short row shaping begins (that is, rather than over your shaping).

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Here is the link for the pattern…it is the scarlet woman sleevless tank.

Wow that is a stunning tank!
I think the best thing to do is to email Jen, the designer. I am sure she will sort this out for you very quickly.

oh…I never even thought of emailing the person who made the pattern :rollseyes: Thanks for the tip!! I did email her and will wait for her response…thanks again for the help!!


I think you’d measure at the edge from the row you started the short rows on too.

The short rows should create a curved edge. When you work a certain number of st. st. rows, you will get a 3.5 inch long piece of stocking stitch. The 3.5 inches of stocking is not shaped, it is a plain stripe or rectangle, with no curves, work 3.5 inches of this.
The stocking begins at the same row all along the row, you will get the same measurement whether you measure from the start or end of the sr shaping. Does this make sense?

Thanks much…yes it does make sense…I was really having a mental block on this yesterday. I have not picked up the tank today yet…but right now it is a perfect picture in my head!! Hope it stays that way :pray:

Try this: once you have done the short rows, add a lifeline in a bright colour (something that won’t shed, cotton’s good). Measure your 3.5 inches from that line.