Pattern help

i am sort of new at knitting but i am enjoying it.but i have a question 2 ask about a pattern am doing,
at the mo i have 56sts and the next stage is K6 (K3tog) 6 times, K8 (K3tog) 6 times,K6 i should end up with 32sts can some 1 help thanx :-x

I’m not sure what the problem is…are you saying you don’t end up with the proper number of stitches? What are you making and can you give a link to the pattern?

yeah that is the problem i am having,i am trying 2 make a clown and this is the start of his boots.but i end up with with 34 sts and i have tried 2 do this so many times. :grrr:

When you knit 3 together 6 times, you are decreasing 12 stitches (2 stitches decreased with each K3tog - 2 X 6 = 12) Since you do this twice during the row, you should be decreasing a total of 24 stitches. 56-24=32.

I would be sure that you are doing all 12 K3tog’s - it sounds like you are missing one. Also, be sure that you are actually knitting 3 stitches together every time - it is more common to K2tog, so maybe you are doing that on some stitches?

Good luck!

Use a pencil and paper to mark off each decrease you do. It makes life easier. :wink: