Pattern Help

I am doing a girls vests and the instruction for the neck are:

Work in pattern as established across 34 sts, join another ball of yarn, work center st. and sl to holder, work across remaining 34 sts.

Working both sides at the same time dec on St every other neck edge row 13 times - 21 sts each side.

I am not sure how this is done can someone explain it to me. Thanks :??

It looks like you’re going to divide for the neck now–V neck?

You knit with one ball over to the center stitch and place it on a holder after you knit it. Then use a second ball of yarn to work across the rest of the stitches. Now you have a separate strand for each side of the neck.

Then work across each side separately.

On the next right side row and every right side row after that, decrease at the neck edges 13 times until you have 21 stitches remaining.

Work across the wrong side rows without decreasing.

thanks, sorry it took so long to respond