Pattern Help!

I am a beginner knitter enrolled in a local class. For our very first project, they have decided to have us make a sweater. She gave us a pattern (which I presume is her own made-up pattern) and basically no instructions. I have been working on the front and back sections for what seems like forever. When I go, I ask about how to make sleeves, and she tells me to just continue on the front section (so I’m basically doing stockinette stitch in my 2 hour class - which I already know how to do!). Anyway, here is my question and my pattern:

(make 2)
Cast on 30 (30, 31, 31) sts. K 1 row. P 1 row. Knit 1 row. Next row(rs); work in stst for 4 rows starting with a k row. next row(rs); k2 M1, work to the last 2 sts. M1, k2. Rep. inc every 4th row 2(2,3,3) times, the every 6th row every 9 times - 54(54,57,57) sts. Work even to 19” or desired length. Bind off."

I should also state that there is a very limited glossary that she included with the instructions. Can anybody decipher this for me. I understand everything up until “Rep. inc every 4th row”. Does that mean I stitch four rows in stst then increase again?

All help is appreciated.

Very confused and frustrated

What I think this means is that you only increase once every 4 rows. So you will k2 M1, work to the last 2 sts. M1, k2, and then knit 3 more rows on the right side. After that, you do that increase row again. And depending on what size you are making you will either do that increasing row two or three times.

After that, you will do this increase once every six rows until you have done the increase nine times and the sleeve is the number of stitches she says it should be.

Which, I now realize, is exactly what you thought you should do (I, too, have a limited knitting vocabulary and had no idea what stst until I looked it up!). So you are absolutely right, and much luck to you!

Do not be confused and frustrated; if you can knit a sweater (I certainly can’t!) and interpret odd and confusing instructions, you must be quite talented indeed!