Pattern Help

I’m making a raglan from the top down and I’m stuck!

How should I interpret this:
The raglan increases are worked like this:

Round 1: Knit

Round 2: Increase one stitch each side of each marker. Use your favorite increase, a yarn over will make decorative “holes” on each side of the raglan, using a method such as k1f&b will make a nearly invisible increase.

Continue in this manner until the yoke is deep enough to meet under the arms.

Do I keep knitting rounds 1 & 2, or do I only knit round 1 once, and then keep doing round 2? (there is never a repeat from * which is what is confusing me)

Also, the pattern leaves the increase method up to me - do any of you have a favorite increase method for raglans??

I would repeat rounds 1 and 2 until it measures correctly. If you keep repeating only round 2, I think you’ll be increasing too quickly. :?? I’ve not made a raglan yet, so I don’t have a favorite raglan inc method. But if I were to make this one, I would K1f&b. :wink:

Anyone else care to chime in ??

Another vote for K1f&b, it’s my favorite raglan increase.

A little trick to know when the yoke is long enough… measure from your collar to underarm center. When the raglan seam is that long, you can continue on to the rest of the pattern. This way you don’t have to keep slipping to waste yarn, you can just measure the seam. :slight_smile:


Okay, I’m beginning to feel like I need “pattern reading for dummies” :oops: - when I start increasing, and they are telling me to increase one on either side of the markers, would I: k1f&b, k1, marker, k1, k1f&b or just k1f&b, marker, k1f&b? Or does it not really matter? :thinking:

When I have made shawls and things in the past, I have always done the increase one stitch in from the edge - but as I’m knitting this in the round, I’ve confused myself…

:arrow: k1f&b, k1, marker, k1, k1f&b
Normally, if a pattern wants you to do this, it would read "k to within 2 sts of marker, inc (k1f&b), k1, slip marker, k1, inc (k1f&b).

Soooo… with that in mind, I would just inc into the st before the marker, slip marker and inc into the st after marker. :wink: