Pattern help

I’m not sure if I’m missing something put I’m knitting a cardi i have 43 STS and knitted to the length needed. The pattern says work 16 rows Dec 1 st at the beg of 1st then every following 4th row. Easy enough but it says I should have 31 stitches but if I’m only decreasing 1 stitch on the first then every fourth I can’t get it to work out.

What is the name of your pattern?
Are there any other decreases in the 16 rows?
Can you quote a couple of rows around these directions? Don’t give us more than that because of designer copyright.

Sorry for the short reply I’m at work

Can you check that 43sts is the number that you should have before this direction? From here on it all adds up.
When you have more time can you tell us the name of the pattern and designer? It sometimes helps in tracking down errata.