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JUST STARTED Bernat Horseshoe Cable Blanket (knit) totally confused after 2nd row of pattern :question:says continue in pat for 57” but do I go to row three ? Do I repeat rows 1 and 2 using rows 3,4,…? Total stitches on my needle now is 112, row 3 is not correct ……I DON’T UNDERSTAND

OK, so you’ve completed the k2p2 ribbing and you’ve worked rows 1 and 2 which set up the cable and ribbing pattern. Is that correct?
Then you should continue the pattern that you have been working and for the cable panels, go on to rows 3,4,5 and so on up to row 12.

Row 2 adds up to 112sts and the cable panel for row 3 adds up to 24sts.

After “Proceed in Pattern”, you’ll be working those 2 rows of ribbing over and over, while including the Cable Panels from Page One. Ribbing 1 / Cable 1, Ribbing 2 / Cable 2 (you may have done these already?). Ribbing 1 / Cable 3. Ribbing 2 / Cable 4. Ribbing 1 / Cable 5. And so on.

3 cable panels of 24 sts = 72
2 ribbing panels of 18 sts = 36
2 sts on each edge = 4
112 sts across the blanket.

Thanks so very much for the helpful advice :clap::clap::-1:I truly appreciate this site….

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