Pattern help!

Hi everyone.

I’ve started my first “big” project, levelling up from just knitting hats to a sweater vest.

I’ve got a bit stuck on a step in the pattern.

“Dec 1 st at each end of next 5 rows, then on following 12,1,1,1,1,1, alt rows (4749, 51, 57, 59, 61, 65 sts).
Work straight until Back measures 5859 60 64 …, ending with P row **

I’ve completed the Decrease 1 st at end of each row for next 5, but am stuck on the next part.

I am following pattern which is 3rd number, so does that mean I decrease 1 stitch on every other row until I have 51 stitches left? And then following this just continue knitting without decreases until back measures that length?

If any help, the pattern is Patons Moorland Chunky Tweed Plain Round Neck Slipover.

Thank you very much!

Welcome to KH!
That’s great that you’re going on to a sweater vest and reading a more complicated pattern.
You’ve already decreased one stitch at each end of the 5 rows (that’s 10sts decreased). Now work a row with no decreases and then decrease on the next row (that’s the one alternate row). If you count it as rows then the decreases are at each end of rows 1,2,3,4,5 and 7. Once those decreases are complete (12 sts dec total) you should be at 51sts. Remember that there are 2 stitches decreased for every decrease row.
Yes, then continue without decreases for the given length.

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If you accidentally only increased at the END of the 5 rows rather than at EACH END you might need to rip put those 5 rows and reknit them to get the correct decrease shape and stitch count.
Putting in a life line can help so you don’t accidentally rip out too many rows

Or tinking back those rows, which is undoing each stitch one by one in a controlled way. I actually prefer this even with several rows to tink as I feel more certain to get it right (my life lines put in afterwards sometimes go off track)

Hopefully you don’t need either of the videos but thought I’d post just in case.

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