Pattern help!

Hi - I’m confused about the decreases in the following pattern…

Cast on 153 stitches
Row 1 k1 tbl, *p1, k1 tbl, rep from * to end
Row 2 p1, *k1, p1 rep from * to end
These 2 rows form rib

Continue for 19 rows

Row 22 rib 7, rib2tog, (rib 6, rib2tog) 17 times, rib 8 - 147 Stitches

Can someone confirm firstly what rib stitch is for Row 22? Is it k1 tbl, p1, p1, k1?

Then given I start with Row 22 at 153 stitches and end with 147 a total decrease of 6 stitches I don’t understand how that can work as I read the pattern for Row 22 as having 18 rib2togs so a decrease of 18 and not 6? Help!


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What is the name of your pattern and the designer please?

For row 22 (like row 2) the first 6sts are repeats of p1,k1 so the 7th stitch is a p. The next 2sts are k, p which will be knit together. There’s no k1 tbl on the even rows.

The numbers for the increases are puzzling. Does that mean the number or repeats isn’t 17 or that the total stitch number at the end of row is incorrect? Hard to say. You may be able to tell from reading further in the pattern or by looking for errata online. Knowing the pattern name will help us help out.

Hi - it’s a Sirdar (UK) pattern. Thanks - pretty confused too! Reading further down the pattern doesnt seem to help… 20230111_174135|1200x900

What is the number for the Sirdar pattern?
One thing you can try is to look at the stitch numbers and number of decreases for the other sizes. See if it’s a consistent error across all sizes or if the other sizes make sense.

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I don’t have the pattern with me (on vacation so just took a photo of the relevant page). You’re right though - the smaller size has a decrease of 16 sts overall which matches the pattern so must be an error with the size I’m using. Thanks for your help!