Pattern help

I’m stuck, (help)
I’m working on Petal Baby Hat and it calls for first three rows knit every row , no problem, then row 4 says K2*YO,K3, Sl 1,K2tog,psso,K3,YO,K2,rep from * ending with K3 instead of K2

OK I do all of that and when I get near the end I don’t have enough stitches to complete the sequence between the * and end with K2
do I just stop anywhere in the sequence when I get to the last 2 stitches and knit them. This is my first baby hat done on straights and also my first hat working in anything but stockinette. I,m fairly new to knitting and I would appreciate any help from you all and please make it simple as I’m sometimes a little thick headed (my husbands comment).

The instructions mean that instead of ending with a k2, you’ll end with k3. Is your stitch count the same as when you start the row? Maybe you’re missing an increase or decrease.


When you’re doing your YO’s are you making an extra stitch with them? You should just count the YO as putting the yarn over, then knit the next 3. I only mention this because many people do the yo with a knit stitch when they first start out.