Pattern help

I’m making a baby sweater and I don’t quite understand the knitting pattern of the sleeves. I’m confused with the increasing part, specifically the “following - rows” what does that means?

“Beg with a K row and working in st st throughout, inc 1 st at each end of 3rd and 0 [4:8:0:4:4] foll - [RS:4th:-:4th:4th] rows then on every foll RS [4th:6th:4th:6th:6th] row to
55 [57:57:63:63:67] sts.”

I’m knitting the smallest size so I would need to get to 55 sts.

You start counting with the designated row “beginning with a K row” (call it row 1) inc 1 stitch at each end of 3rd row and then each following RS row(k rows).

I deleted the increases that had zero or -(dash) for your size because I did not know how to mark the text with a strti through.