Pattern help

I’m about to shape armhole and front slope, could anyone advice on which rows to decrease, also what is the best way to decrease, the pattern is as follows cast off 2 sts at beg of next row , dec 1 st at armhole edge in every following alt row 2 times, at the same time dec 1st at end (front edge)of following alt row 6 times, and then in every foll 4th row until 14sts remain, I have 28sts at the moment, thanks in advance.

If you call the cast off of 2sts row, row 1 then you would decrease at the armhole on rows 3 and 5. Decrease at the same time at the front edge on rows 3,5,7,9,11 and 13 and then rows 17,21,25,29,33 and 37.
That’ll take the stitch count from 28sts to 14.
You could follow the line of the decreases by decreasing at the armhole using a k2tog and at the front edge, a ssk. It’s also possible to reverse the position of those decreases but you see it less often in patterns.