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Hi from Australia I am stuck understanding the “mock smock” section of a baby dress I am knitting. For anyone in Australia it is a Spotlight Project 16.20.24 The pattern says: 4th row – P2, * insert right hand needle from front between 6th and 7th sts on left hand needle and draw through a loop, slip this loop onto left hand needle and knit it together with first st on left hand needle, K1, P2, K2, P2, rep from * to end.
I have tried this once and it just looked wrong. My questions are does the 6th stitch include the 2 purl stitches on the left needle? If yes, what happens when you get to the repeat? Also do you take the thread to the back after the 2 purl stitches? If not creating the loop also creates another stitch? Thanks in advance if anyone can help. Best wishes Julie

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Welcome to KH!
Don’t include the 2 purl sts which after purling them will be on the right hand needle. It’s similar to this video, where there are 2sts on the right hand needle and then sts are counted on the left hand needle for the smocking.

Once you’ve knit together the loop and the next stitch, work through the rest of the repeat (7sts) and then again count off to the 6th stitch on the left hand needle.
Yes, take the working yarn strand to the back after the 2 purls so that you can grab it from between the 6th and 7th sts and pull it to the front.

It’s a really pretty stitch and a lovely detail on a baby dress.

Thanks so much for this. Yes that all makes sense and the video is really helpful. I will give it a go.

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