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New to knitting and trying to figure out this pattern. Making the small size. Finished the rows 1 to 4 repeat and onto row 9. I understand that I knit 35 and ssk; however, what do I do with the rest of the stitches on the needle?

    Rows 1 and 3: knit.

Rows 2 and 4: purl.

For women’s size small, repeat Rows 1-4, then skip to Row 9. For women’s sizes medium and large, continue as follows:
Row 5: K(25, 28), ssk, K3tog, ssk, K(11, 13), K2tog, K3tog, K2tog, K(25, 28)–(67, 75) sts.

Row 6: purl.

Row 7: K(21, 24), ssk, K3tog, ssk, K(11, 13), K2tog, K3tog, K2tog, K(21, 24)–(59, 67) sts.

Row 8: purl.

Row 9: K35 (35, 40), ssk, turn.

Rows 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 26: slip 1, P10 (11, 13), P2tog, turn.

Rows 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25: slip 1, K10 (11, 13), ssk, turn.

Row 27: Slip 1, K10 (11, 13), ssk, knit to end of row–41 (40, 48) sts.

Row 28: P25 (25, 30), P2tog, purl to end of row–40 (39, 47) sts.

What pattern is it?
Usually if there is a turn you can leave the remaining stitches on the needle and just ignore then like they are not there. Later I the pattern it will likely tell you to rejoin yarn to those stitches and work on them.
If leaving stitches on the needles confuses you or just feels like they are in the way you could slip them onto a stitch holder or thread a length of yarn through with a sewing needle and tie the yarn ends together so the stitches can’t fall off. I recommend a different coloured yarn if you do this.

Hope this helps. If you need more help please do ask.

The pattern is called Mom and Me slippers

I’ve read and reread and don’t see what you do with these stitches.

OK I see your problem. I’ve read through the pattern (thanks for posting the link) and also see no place where it explains what to do with the remaining stitches.

I am positive another member here will be able to help with this.

My guess (it really is just a guess) is that where you turn you are working additional length to come up the back of the foot to the heal/ankle area whereas the stitches on hold might be the front/top of foot which needs to be left shorter. If this is the right place I’m thinking of then the stitches on hold could be finished off as cuff.
Based on what you have made so far would this make sense? Or I could be totally wrong.
I’m probably wrong, sorry.

I’m sure it won’t be long before some one is able to help more clearly with this.

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Welcome to the forum, Shawna!
The short rows end with row 26. On row 27, knit to the end of the row. For row 28, purl to the end of the row. That will complete the instep and then you proceed to the cuff.
Cute pattern for some cozy slippers.