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Hey everyone! So I’m knitting a baby boy sweater and when I get to the topic of shape armholes it says this:

Continue without shaping until you have completed 6 row repeat.

I’m very confused as to what that means, as I’m doing 8/9 rows beforehand using decreases. Am I just to stocking stitch like I’ve been doing? I’m just very confused where it says 6 row repeat.

(Pattern is Lil Sailor Sweater, size 6-9 months)

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The 6 row repeat is the stripes pattern, 4 rows color B, 2 rows color A. Once you’ve completed the decreases, finish the stripes with a final 2 rows of A and then work with B only for the remainder of the back (or front). Continue with B in stocking stitch.

Absolutely adorable sweater!

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Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to find the answer for ages so this is really helpful!

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