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Hello! I’m following this pattern by lovecrafts:

The pattern for the Dress Back, 5th row says I’m on a decreasing row. But it asks to K5, (K1,P1) twice into next st repeating. Doesn’t that make it 4 stitches out of 1 stitch repeatedly and I wouldn’t be decreasing at the end?

Thanks in advance for any help on this line!

Hi and welcome. It’s confusing the way they’ve written it. Yes, you’ll be changing 1 st to 4 in each repeat of that row. However, in row 6, it decreases 4 st to 1 in each repeat (as well as the 4st immediately before the repeat section) by passing the 3 slipped stitches over the k1:

6th Row: P7[7: 6: 4: 8], sl3, K1, pass sts separately over last st (knot completed), * P5, sl3, K1, pass sts separately over last st (knot completed), rep from * to last 7[7: 6: 4: 8]sts, P to end

I noticed the following preceding the beginning of instructions: “Note: Stitches should not be counted after 5th or 11th rows.” It could have been worded better.

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Ahh that makes more sense. Thank you so much for your explanation!

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