Pattern help!


I made a scarf last winter, and I wanted to make another one as a gift. Unfortunately, I cannot find the original pattern that I used off the internet. I did make a note that the pattern was as shown below. I also forgot to right down the number of cast on stitches. So, I’m assuming it was an odd number that would end with a K2, P1 at the end of the cast on row. One thing I do remember is I didn’t do any “yarn over” or “knit below” in the pattern. It was just K, P all the way across

Row 1: K2, P2, Last Stitch P1
Row 2: K2, P2, Last Stitch P1
Repeat Row 1 and 2 until desired length is reached.

I’m trying to re-create it based off of my minimal notes, and it just doesn’t seem to be working again. Can anyone out there tell me if they recognize this pattern? I thought I had used the fisherman rib, but when I looked it up online it doesn’t seem to match what I made. Hopefully the attached pictures might help identify it. Any help would be so much appreciated!
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It looks similar to broken rib stitch, to me. Instructions look the same as what you wrote down too.

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Yes, I think you’re right! Thank you so much for your help!!

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You’re welcome :blush: