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Hello everyone, I’m wondering if someone can help me with a sweater pattern. It’s my first time attempting a sweater. I’m a beginner. I have finished the front part of the sweater and I’ve end in a wrong side row (as pattern says). This may be a silly question but do I just leave it as it is on the needle and use another needle for the sleeves and back?
This is the pattern:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Welcome to KH and to knitting!
The pattern continues with the front sts still on the needle. If you scroll down in the pattern there’s a red cross that shows the pattern diagram. You’ll be casting on sts at the ends of the next two back rows for the sleeves. The entire sweater is knit in one piece.

Thank you so much for responding. I was in a proper middle there. That video was so helpful too. Am I correct in saying that I cast on 46 stitches on one row and then an additional 46 on the second row?

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Yes, cast on for the first sleeve and then on the next row, cast on for the second sleeve. Very cute pattern and sweater.

Thank you so much for clarifying.

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