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Hello, hope you all are doing well. Just a little clarity I’m needing for these instructions I hope you can help.

Trying to understand the instructions for 2CRM and 2CLM - It’s used in a lozenge pattern on the fifth row.

Their instructions are for row 5: p6, 2CRM, 2CLM, P6 (a total of 18 stitches)

The instructions for 2CRM is slip 1 st onto cable needle at back of work, k2 then work next stitch in moss st (either k1 or p1) (so do I knit because it starts with a purl or do I continue with the purl because it started with the purl?)

The instructions for 2CLM, slip 2 stitches onto cable needle at front of work, work the next stitch in moss stitch (Moss stitch is k1 p1 so this is confusing) then k2 from cable needle.

I know cable work though this moss stitch is throwing me for a loop. Some indication on how to put in the moss stitch whether it’s K1 or P1

Thank you !


Usually you want the moss stitch pattern inside the lozenge to continue so knit or purl in order to maintain the moss stitch that you have established in previous rows.

What is the name of your pattern?

this is the pattern here

I’ve started the bottom of the back and now that you clarified the moss stitch inside the lozenge it makes perfect sense so I can start knit and the next stitch on the next row will be start with purl is that right?

thank you


Very nice.
On the next row, the stitch directly above the knit should appear as a purl when seen from the right side (RS) so that would mean knitting the stitch on the wrong side (WS). If there is a cable twist involved then you would have to account for the added stitch inside the lozenge.
Best advice is to keep looking at the stitches from the previous row and keep checking the appearance of the moss stitch to make sure you’re in pattern.

Thank you for the clarity. Sometimes the directions just seem like reading a foreign language then you look at the pattern and it starts to make sense.

take care and happy knitting


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