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Hi I’m struggling with this pattern (which is probably me being stupid but I’m on the bottom of page 3 and top of page 4 Screenshot_20200410-122652_Drive|568x1200 im getting stuck on the body and maybe misunderstanding. I have picked up the cowl and switched to I’m knitting every other round. So I have knit 21 rows getting me to 188 stitches (I’m doing 3rd size in brackets) so far so good I think increasing 8 stitches every 2 rounds?

But then is says to do a full increase round every 3rd row 20 times the increase on a full increase round is 8st so doing this 20 times will take it to 348 stitches and 82 rows however the pattern says I should have 304 stitches. Earlier in the section it says i would be knitting each round shaping the yoke over 72 rounds so I’m clearly doing something very wrong! Plesse can someone help??

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It looks like a mistake in the pattern to me. The first 2 sizes work out to the correct number but the next couple don’t.
The following steps clearly work for 304sts for your size so there must be something wrong with the number of repeats of the increase rounds. (20 x 8) + 188 = 348

There are earlier corrections for this pattern but not the problem with the yoke.
It’s worth messaging Knit Picks to ask for their help here.

Hi thank you so much for looking. I think I have found out where it went wrong! The size I was following was 44 which was the 3rd number in the brackets but when it goes to make the yoke size 44 in one section becomes the 2nd number in the brackets! So I did 10 rows instead of 5! Think I’m back on the right track now! And wont make that mistake again!! Thanks again for taking the time to look and help and advise it really is appreciated! :grin:

Ah, good for you! It’s such a pretty design. Please post a photo when you finish.

Thank you and will do!