Pattern help

Stuck on row 17 of my pattern .iam knitting cozy cable knit hat from Allfreeknitting. Com

I don’t understand row 17 please can some one help ? S1,k1,*p2 ,c4f ,p2,k3 rep from * to last 10sts ,p2 ,c4f ,p2 ,k2
Know its cable 4 sts on cable needle then iam stuck
Thanks in advance

C4F means put the next two stitches on a cable needle at the front of your work, knit the next 2 stitches then knit the 2 stitches from the cable needle - a total of 4 stitches.

So you will slip 1, knit 1 then repeat purl 2, c4f, purl 2, knit 3 (11 stitches) until you get to the last 10 stitches when you will purl 2, c4f, purl 2 and knit 2 (10 stitches).


I think I’ve got it thanks .
It confused me when S1,k1* p2 then c4f ,p2 ,k3 as it didn’t say what to do c4f I thought you put 4 sts on cable then got in a bit of a mess .
Iam still a beginner with reading patterns

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