Pattern help


Thanks Giorgio!! I really just wanted to “try” the pattern to see how it looks. Not sure if I want to spend the $$ or not.

How is your shawl coming along??


Slow… :slightly_smiling_face: i am working on two other things. What are you working on? So many nice pattern so little time…


I’ve been working on a couple of wedding afghans. My son’s wedding and another friend’s wedding are both this year.

Nothing fancy, but both the grooms are over 6ft tall so these will be longer than average!!!



I was intrigued by this pattern so set out following the original instruction
“Cast on 6sts.
Next row. cast off 3 sts, knit to
end. 3 sts.
Rep last row until there are 369 sts
on the needle.
Cast off knitwise.”
I followed it, repeating from cast on 6 stitches. I found that each row increased in length by 3 stitches and grew in a triangle shape with a tiny fringe ending.


Thanks, that’s what i am doing!! :blush:


Great. Hope it works out well for you.


I was intrigued too!
and then I got carried away :smile:
Knitcindy, the ‘errata’ for this shawl, publicly shown on the Stylecraft pattern page, is the full pattern.


Wow… Pretty!!! :smile_cat:


My Thanks to you :grinning:
It’s a very sweet pattern (whether knit as is or modified slightly)


I love it when you get carried away! Wonderful modifications.


And very nice it looks too.


Thanks so much! I finally found the errata page u mentioned!! Which yarn did u use for your shawl in this picture??? LOVE the colors!!!



I used Knit Picks Chroma fingering in colour Groovy. I’ve had it in stash a number of years and it finally asked to be used!! I only had the 1 skein, so it’s a little smaller than it could be, but I think I ended on 321sts or 324sts.


Fingering is Weight #1 or #2??? I’ve never used yarn that thin before.

Thanks again


I think the chroma falls into group 1 with this chart!!
The pattern should work with a heavier weight yarn, I don’t see why it wouldn’t!! I’m thinking of making one in a DK or aran weight for a larger shawl (as opposed to the scarf size I made with fingering) it will be lovely for the autumn/winter months :smile:


Thanks again for your tips!! I will dig around in my stash and see which yarn I have a ton of!!!

You’ve been an encouragement to me on this!!


Proud to be a ‘Knitting Enabler’ :smile: