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Hello, I am new here… just found your website and loving it… have a question on a pattern, this is the instruction:
“Cast on 6sts.
Next row. cast off 3 sts, knit to
end. 3 sts.
Rep last row until there are 369 sts
on the needle.
Cast off knitwise.”
It is a triangle scarf, my question is how am I ending up with 369 sts? Don’t see it… :frowning:


I can’t figure it out either. What’s the name of the pattern???



Hi… It’s Stylecraft’s Garter Stich Scarf…


From googling I found this on the stylecraft website:


So the instructions you have described are just the ‘Pattern Errata’ where they have pointed out the errors in the pattern, not the full pattern.


Thanks… That’s all they have in the pattern for that… It has two other with it…


Can you scan a photo of the shawl you’re making so that we can see what it looks like?

I’m wondering if the pattern means to repeat the last 2 rows. So the repeat would be
Cast on 6sts.
Next row. cast off 3 sts, knit to end.

That would give a short, round fringe at the shawl edge.


It does have a fringe, but I still don’t understand what do I do after “knit to end”… GarterStichScarf


After you knit to end, repeat the two rows:
Cast on 6. Cast off 3, knit to end.
Cast on 6, cast off 3, knit to end and so on repeating both rows.

Each time you cast on 6 then bind off 3 the scarf increases by 3sts.


Thank you for your help!!


@salmonmac. Which kind of yarn would work best for this scarf?? Which weight?? Or doesn’t it matter??



It looks like a worsted weight from the photo but you could probably go to a sport or an aran weight. Maybe it’s the spring here or the lovely yellow color but a cotton blend (cotton/alpaca or cotton/merino) would work.


This it what it calles for: Classique Cotton 4ply 50g balls, and that’s what i am using…ordered it for something else what wasn’t s good match, so looked for something i can use it for and this is what came up with… But mine is blue… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I searched for the pattern but couldn’t find it. (Even on Ravelry) It is online somewhere??



It is Shawls and Scarf in Classique Cotton 4 ply 9517 from Stylecraft… 3 scars


@Gyorgyi Since this is a paid pattern it would be best to edit your post to delete the pattern directions. This is due to copyrights.


Thanks… Did it…



Hi again! Can u find this shawl on ravelry?? I looked thru tons of pages there but haven’t been able to find it!!



I couldn’t find it on Ravelry either. The pattern booklet showed up at Deramores and a few other sites.


Thanks. I did see it eventually. I want to try the pattern. Have to decide if I want to buy it or not.



It does come with 3 different pattern… :wink: