Pattern Help

I need help figuring out a pattern using German short rows. I’ve completed the first German short row. I understand how to turn the work and follow the pattern. I’m having trouble figuring out the next step. I’m knitting this in the round for a sweater.

My first question is am I only doing the short rows and then knitting all the way in the round? Or am I knitting the short rows back to back and not making complete circle for in the round?

My second question, is about the pattern. I’m attaching a picture of what I type just in case it doesn’t make sense.

Short Rows

1st Short Row:
P1tbl, k1, P1tbl, SM, k4, tw.
P to m, SM, k1tbl, P1tbl, p1, k1tbl, SM(BOR). P to 1st bed m, m1lp, p1, SM, k1tbl, p1, k1tbl, SM, p4, tw.
K to m, SM, p1tbl, k1, p1tbl, SM, k to 1st bef the end of rnd, m1r, k1.

My question is what is the end of the round? Is it the double stitch? Because the double stitch is past the BOR, where I have a stitch marker at. Or do I complete a full round of the whole sweater?

Thank you in advance for the help!


Knit back and forth between the indicated markers. You won’t necessarily be working a complete round unless the pattern says to.
The beginning and end of round is at the BOR marker.