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Hi I’m new here and just need a little bit of help to finish this hoodie before Christmas! I have a needle with 19st on and a stitch holder with another 19st on and I’m totally baffled on what to do!


Can you tell us the pattern name and give a link to the pattern?

It’s from a book by DK called Baby & Toddler Knits Made Easy and it’s the hoodie inside there so I unfortunately I can’t link it.

It looks like you are using the first size so,with the 19sts on your needle, p3,k1,make1knit3 x5 then cast on 33 sts onto your right needle. Next,using the 19sts on your holder, knit3make1x5,k1,p3. You should then have 81 sts on your needles to continue on.
Post a photo when you finish :grin:

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I think I understand now, so the hood will be a whole piece? I will take a photo when I’ve finished the hood, thank you for your help :smile:

That’s right,the hood will be knit in one piece. You may find it easier with a circular needle(unless you are already using them lol) or dpns. This will depend on the style to the front of the hoodie(deep V as opposed to a short v or crew), whether there’s enough ‘give’ to be able to work the sts on straights!! Does your pattern tell you to change your needles here or is there a circular needle listed under the items required for this project? You may well be fine with straights, it will feel awkward for the first few rows but will gradually get easier as the hood length increases

No it doesn’t say anything about circular needles I just really wanted confirmation about adding the 19st off the saver back into the work really and it makes sense to me now :smile: :laughing:

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