Pattern help

Knitting a round neck cardigan. I’m on the left front at the moment and I am struggling with the shape neck section. I’m doing the second size, so as you can see from the part above, I have 12 stitches. And I believe ending at front edge would mean that ive just done a purl row?
I’m on attempt number 4 of actually knitting it and I’ve wrote it down several time, but there is no way that I’ve managed to get 4 stitches remaining. Please can someone break it down for me row by row, noting how many stitches at the end of each row? I really can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.


Welcome to KH!
I usually write out a chart with a column for the row number and a column each for the neck and raglan edges but whatever is easier for you is fine. Starting with 12sts, call the next row, row 1, a WS row. Slip the first stitch to a safety pin. Decrease at the raglan edge on the RS rows 2,4,6. Decrease at the neck edge on rows 2,3,4 and 6. Counting the one stitch on the holder that’s 8sts decreased and leaves you with 4sts…
The left front of the cardigan is the left front as you wear it so the front edge is at the end of a RS row and the beginning of the WS row.