Pattern help!

Hi I’m making a baby cardigan with a ruffled edge and I’m a bit confused with pattern:
Cast on 284 stitches
1st row: k4, cast off 4 repeat to last 5sts, k5. 160 sets left
When I do the first cast off does that mean there are 3 sets left on rh needle, or do I in fact k5, the last being the first cast off??

Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a link to it?

Knit 4, knit 2 more and lift the one stitch over the stitch at the needle tip. Knit one more and repeat the lift over, then repeat this last step 2x more. That’ll leave you with 4 stitches on the right needle, a gap (the 4 bound off sts) and one stitch at the tip of the needle (leftover from the bind off). Now repeat the entire process from the “Knit 4”.

Hi, it’s from a sirdar pattern book 301code c. Design D.
I think you have explained it well. It definitely wasn’t working out at the end when I was doing it!

Really darling with a very clever edge. Enjoy working the pattern!