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Hi, I am new to knitting with patterns. Please help me with the below pattern. There are 6 sizes for this pattern and I have chosen size 3.
With below pattern, there should be 27 sts and 1 st left.

I also don’t understand the pattern after changing to 4mm needles.
Please help! Thank you.

Next Row. P3 [2:2:5:3:2], p2tog, (p4 [3:3:
6:4:4], p2tog) 3 [5:6:3:5:6] times, p4 [2:1:
4:4:3]. 23 [25:28:31:33:36] sts.
Change to 4mm needles and working in
st-st (throughout) cont until right front
measures 12 [15:18:23:26:31]cm,
(4¾ [6:7:9:10¼:12]in), ending with a rs
Shape Raglan
Next Row. Cast off 3 [3:3:4:4:4] sts, purl
to end. 20 [22:25:27:29:32] sts.

Hi there, the row in the third size reads
P2,P2tog,[P3,P2tog] x6,P1
2 +1+18+6+1=28sts.
and after you change to 4mm needles you will knit in stocking stitch (1 row knit,1 row purl) all the way until the right front measures 18cms.
Hope this helps you.

Thank you so much, notknittingknots.
I understand now.

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You’re welcome :grinning: Good luck with your project :four_leaf_clover: