pattern help

Help! this is my pattern:
137 stitches cast on
Row 1: K4;* P1, (p2, k2, p3)-5 times more, sl m; rep from * across to last 4 sts, k4.

so, do I repeat from P1, (p2, k2, p3) 5 times? do I P1, repeat (p2, k2, p3) 5 times and then repeat that pattern to the end? It doesn’t seem to add up to 137 stitches no matter what I try…


Welcome to KH!
Work the repeats starting with the parentheses and then repeating from the asterisks.
P1, p2k2p3,p2k2p3,p2k2p3,p2k2p3, p2k2p3,p2k2p3, repeat this sequence starting at the p1, 3 times total (43 x 3)

That adds up to 137.

well at least the math works! could this be a typo on the pattern with the “5 times more” ? I’m worried that by only doing 3 repeats I won’t have the twist pattern? ahhhhh

The “5x more” isn’t a typo. It’s being very careful to make sure you understand how often to repeat the section in parentheses, 6x total.

You only have enough sts for 3 repeats of the section set off by asterisks. What twist are you concerned about? There isn’t one on row 1.
Can you give us the pattern name?

the pattern in a Plymouth yarn pattern called Homestead: vertical stripe throw. there is a cross rib stitch pattern of 10 rows that includes a row of cross stitches at the end of the repeat.
and now it finally makes sense why there’s a 5x.
Thanks SOOOO much for the translation. I really liked the pattern when I saw it but had no idea I’d have to finagle this much :))
returning to knitting after a (southern climate) hiatus so I’m knocking the rust off my skills
thanks again

Very pretty pattern!