Pattern help

Does anyone know what this stitch is? I can’t find ii in any stitch books. I know it is only a 4 row pattern. Front


I don’t know what the top one is, but the bottom looks like ribbing.

It’s the same scarf. The ribbing is the back side.

Oh okay! I suspect it’s twisted then. The rib stitches looked like they could be twisted. If you look up twisted rib on google and look at the images you can see what it looks like. Here’s a twisted rib hat pattern that has the same look.

Oh my, I do believe this may be Crochet masquerading as knit ribs.

I just read and tested a swatch of such a pattern but found the three rows of slip stitch in between each row of single crochet to be to tedious. But it did mimic a knit purl rib.

For me the back was much more flat than what you show.

Good luck. I frogged my swatch otherwise I’d post a picture for comparison.

A quick search found this example:

I hope that helps.

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I made it, so I know it was knit. I just can’t find the pattern anymore.

Thank you for trying to help.

I mad the scarf, so I know it was knit. I just can’t find the pattern. Thanks for trying to help.

From your picture and Jan’s I guess it is a twisted k2, p2 rib.