Pattern help

I am working on a sweater, the front and back are finished, but I cannot seem to understand how to do the sleeves, although it is the same pattern. I am working on the medium size. I knitted and unknitted it for more than 20 times. But I don’t want to give up, as this would be my first sweater and it is for my mom.

Hi Anda could you br more explicit as to what you don’t understand?

I can see a problem. You’re knitting from M to M, marked with the red dots and you have a cast on of 35sts for the size M. Is that how you read it?

The problem is that there aren’t 35sts in the chart. Counting from the right, there’s 30sts, then 3 knit sts with 2 yarn overs. Since the repeat at left isn’t complete, that’s an increase of 2 sts without the accompanying double decrease. You could omit those leftmost yarn overs and re-center the chart or just knit the chart as is without the yarnovers and knitting 2 more sts (total 35sts)

Yes, exactly! From the first row onwards, i’ll have 37 sts. I feel that the pattern is not broken down right for the sleeve, and i tried to do it, but unsuccessfully. This is up to row 29.

It looks like you’ve got it going beautifully. Keep increasing every 6th row and just work those edge sts as knit on the RS rows until you can see that you have enough sts for the increases and decreases to balance out. Well, I don’t have to tell you that. That must be what you’re doing already.

But as you see on the edges, i have half leaves going on. I am sure i am supposed to get full ones to add to the pattern. It looks beautiful indeed, this is why i am so upset i cannot finish it.

Since the sleeve is only increasing by one stitch on each side it’s going to be difficult to keep full leaves. You could choose to keep the edge sts in stockinette until you have enough for a complete leaf. That means an area of stockinette either side of the sleeve seam. That’s ok. Or you can do kind of half leaves that seem to grow out of the seam. If you can make that work I think that would be fine too.