Pattern - help!

I was at a LYS - she had an afghan she had knit.
I liked the ‘squares’ and she picked up stitches and
knit around to join.

I wanted to make the squares in cotton for dishcloths.

She said something about k1, k2tog., slip stitch over the decrease?

The square had an obvious row of ‘decreases’ - or stitching
down the middle of the square.

I’m missing something … alot I guess. ‘Cause my square so
far is a triangle and it’s ugly. I can’t be knittin’ no ugly dishcloths!
Please? Somebody - anybody?

Could the decrease you’re looking for be slip one, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over the two you just knit together? This will be a double decrease. In order for your square to stay square, you just have corresponding increases to offset the decreases.

If the square had eyelets along the edges, you could do a yarn over increase inside each edge and do the double decrease in the middle and they would balance out.

That sounds right … not quite as easy as I thought :rollseyes: … but, we’ll see!

THANK YOU for the help! Especially SO QUICK!!!

There’s almost always someone around to help! :thumbsup: