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Hi all,

I have just recently taken up knitting again (now the kids are older!) but find so much has changed!!! A pattern I am starting has me a tad confused. It has 8 rows of moss stitch band then changes to stocking stitch. In relation to the stocking stitch is states to continue in SS until the back measures 16cm from “commencement”. Does that include the 8 rows of band or does it mean from commencement of the stocking stitch? Any ideas?

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That’s the way I read it. Do you have a pattern name and maybe a link? It would help us be sure. Don’t post the pattern here though it’s against copyright.

Hi Jan,

It was a downloaded pattern so I have cut and pasted the below. I’ve looked at a few other patterns and the word “commencement” seems to have been used in older patterns. The pattern is also an English one so I’m not sure if that makes a difference?

Using 31/4mm needles and C, cast on 55 (63, 69, 77) sts.
1st row - K1, * P1, K1, rept from * to end.
Rept this row 7 (7, 9, 9) times more for moss st border. Break off C.
Change to 4mm needles.
Join in M work in st st until Back measures 13.5 (16, 19, 22) cm,51/ 4 (61/ 4, 71/ 2, 83/ 4) ins from
commencement, finishing on a P row.

Hi kath1

Commencement means from the beginning therefore I would take it to mean that is includes the eight rows of band… I hope this was helpful.

Thanks Trisha! It’s so lovely having advice at your fingertips!

Glad. I could be of some help to a fellow knitter. I know the most frustrating thing is to be in the middle of knitting and coming across instructions that stump us. “HAPPY KNITTING” :smile: