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I’m knitting a sweater for a child and am on the right front piece. The first 8 rows are in seed stitch on no. 7 needles. Then switch to no. 8 needles and start 1st row of pattern (which is over 4 rows). In the first pattern row, there is a buttonhole made (this is row 9). My question is, the next buttonhole is in row 15, but is that supposed to be from the first row or the first pattern row? If the latter, then the subsequent instructions for buttonholes afterwards are only 12 rows apart, not 15. And if it’s from the 1st row, then the first buttonhole is in the 9th row and row 15 would only be 6 rows further. I hope someone can help me!

What pattern are you using? Seeing it would be helpful. If you can link to it that would be great. Otherwise, what’s its name and who designed it?

You want your buttonholes evenly spaced but if the row count is off by a couple of rows between two of them it won’t be noticeable.

Looking at the photo, I think the buttonholes are spaced 12 rows apart (this seems to vary by a couple of rows in the pattern), and the pattern is keeping count from the first pattern row. Here’s the pattern you’re talking about:

With smaller needles, cast on 29 (31, 33, 35)
Work in Seed st for 8 rows.
Change to larger needles.
Begin Lace Pattern
Row 1 (buttonhole row – right side): K1, yo,
k2tog (buttonhole made), p1, k1, place marker,
work Row 1 of Little Arrowhead Lace, place
marker, [k1, p1] twice, knit to end of row.
Row 2: Purl to 4 sts before marker, [p1,
k1] twice, slip marker, work Row 2 of Little
Arrowhead Lace, slip marker, k1, [p1, k1] twice.
Row 3: K1, [p1, k1] twice, slip marker, work
Row 3 of Little Arrowhead Lace, slip marker,
[k1, p1] twice, knit to end of row.
Row 4: Purl to 4 sts before marker, [p1,
k1] twice, slip marker, work Row 4 of Little
Arrowhead Lace, slip marker, k1, [p1, k1] twice.
As you continue to knit, keep a row count
and work a buttonhole (as in Row 1) at the
beginning of Row 11 (13, 13, 15), Row 23 (23,
25, 27), Row 33 (35, 37, 39), Row 45 (45, 49,
51) and Row 55 (57, 61, 63).
Repeat last 4 rows until piece measures 7¾
(8, 8½, 8¾)” (19.5 (20.5, 21.5, 22) cm) from
beginning; end with a right side row__

So, if I count the first pattern row as row 1, the first buttonhole would be in that row (the first row after the seed stitch border and the first row on size 8 needles) and then in row 15 next, then every 12 rows after that? If that is correct, the first 2 buttonholes aren’t spaced the same as the subsequent ones–is that ok?

If you’re knitting the largest size, it looks to me like the buttonholes are spaced this many rows apart:

14 (Row 1 to row 15)
12 (Row 15 to row 27
12 (Row 27 to row 39)
12 (Row 39 to row 51)
12 (Row 51 to row 63)

I’m not sure why that is, unless it has something to do with the lace pattern. Maybe somebody else has seen this done before and can tell us why it would be deliberate. I confess I’m only working on my third piece that has buttonholes.

Two rows difference between the first two buttonholes might be visible if you check really hard, but since you’re knitting a larger child’s size it shouldn’t be too apparent. Are there any errata for this pattern? You may have already seen this Ravelry thread about the pattern; looks like the set-in/raglan sleeve gave a lot of knitters some trouble.
Photos of how the sleeves are set in:

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This is the corrected version of the pattern–I believe the corrections are in yellow highlight.

Reading the pattern the button holes are slightly out of sequence to accomodate the pattern, for the small size the button holes occur on Rows 1, 11, 23,33,45 & 55-this gives the button hole sequence of 10, 12, 10, 12, 10 rows-I’ve actually made this pattern and the button holes do work out when counting from row 1 of the lace pattern sequence.