Pattern help


Need some help figuring out this pattern. I think I assumed wrong because I have too many stitches.

Here it is: Inc Rnd 1: *k2, yo, rep from * around - 174(174-174-180…) sts. *Knit 6 rnds, purl 1 rnd. Rep from * 0(0-1-1…) times more.

I took the second Rep from * to mean from the beginning with the K2, yo. The picture looked as if there was a yarn over after every purl but may be not!

I assume I am wrong?


Welcome to KH!
For the first few sizes, it looks like you start the round with 116sts and end with 174. Then you knit 6 rounds, purl one round and repeat from the * one more time for some larger sizes.
Can you give us a pattern name or link? Which size are you making and how many sts do you have after the Rep from *?

The pattern is Derecho which was purchsed on Ravelry so I assume I can’t share it here. So do you think I just repeat the- knit 6 rows, purl 1 and not the yarn over part? I guess repeating the yarn over part too was the only way I would have ended up with significantly too many stitches!

Thanks in advance for your help

Great looking graphic.

Does the pattern give you a stitch number after the one you quoted [174(174-174-180…) sts]?
How many sts do you have on the needles now?
It does seem that they mean the asterisk here
*Knit 6 rnds, purl 1 rnd.
and not the one in the yo row.