Pattern help

I’m new to the site. Hello everyone! Just started knitting new projects & I’m stuck on this sweater pattern. Please help! I’m doing the directions for small(first number in the parentheses). I just finished the hem & body of the back. I’m starting the yoke & I have 51 stitches but I can’t get the pattern to come out through lines 4-11 of the 2nd cable pattern right before u start the sleeve. Thanks for any help!

Here’s a link to the pattern

Welcome to KH!
Begin chart 2 with stitch number 2 and work to stitch 5. Now repeat the entire 5 stitch chart (sts 1-5) across the row. You’ll end with 2sts remaining. For those 2 sts work stitch one and 2 of the chart. I supposed this chart is offset this way to center the cable patterns.

Thanks for the help. Do I continue the rest of the rows on the second stitch too? By the way, merry Christmas!

Yes, continue with the same set up. Start at stitch 2, end with stitches one and 2. That’ll keep the pattern aligned.
Merry Christmas to you too!